Performance Coaching

Don't be the performer who is a great writer, has something to say, but doesn't know how to show the world how passionate you are behind those words. 

A few out of many things we will cover: Confidence. Vulnerability. Public Speaking. Projection. Diction. Non-Verbal Communication. The art of being yourself. Comfortability. 

Life Coaching

The only thing you can control in life are your decisions. Take charge of them today and act from a place of confidence to assure you are passionate, on track with your goals, and in alignment with your beliefs. 

A few out of many things we will cover:  Self-empowerment. Goals. Accountability. Planning. Scheduling. Community. Collaboration.

Professional Coaching


A dream job doesn't count without a dream. And to be honest, deep down no one wants to work, they want to do what they love. Let's replace the desk, replace the societal norms, repaint that white fence a different color, lead without doubt, and form a plan a mindset that won't waver, even with dissapointment.