Become Your Own Borough / by Megan DiBello

I’ve traveled miles

Through the metros metropolis

A Members only club to the

Cyclopes of the tunnels

Breathing everyday a journey

In the beheadings of bank accounts

Not even a Cub Scout who marries a Girl Scout

Can wilderness the cookies out of this going door to door there is no donation big enough

I travel miles sharing stares and hand shakes with those who can't say my name but can just say what my face is in their eyes

Caught up in the dialectics of directions everyone has their inner imperfections

To wake up and walk this way to the paver of the pathway who must lay it down to walk it not raven the steam of a roller can erase the wrinkles we mask in a day

And who are we to become

Walking the morning shuffle

Like an ancient cakewalk

The piece is in the prize

The victory is in time zones

And crops grown

In photosynthesis to the graves

Of every Monsanto crop

I wish what we become is

To the defeat of the mass grown

Where is your inner corperation?

Stuck in your molars

A Knights Templar might help you get it out

A doctoral candidate may debate

You on your origin like 3 suns and two moons

And where do we draw a line on Mars

And who are the real aliens and can you recall

How most extra terrestrial extra scientific extra outer realities are the ones we live to love to become

Drowning to a decimal place

We survive off the venom like a

Stuck note on an organ

The pitch to our bite

Fights deeper than a bruise

And lives longer than a muse

Like the last of the Magdalen's

Dear mary full of governing of sorrows

I take thee till Wednesday

Wherefore art thou smile

Even when the day is done you

Can't make an eyelash stick

Like smoke dissolving in air

Even death has a birthday

That isn't remembered

National to all saints a day remembered

Like a card for your christening

My body sleeps inside the letters of the

Alphabet I don't get out on the wrong side of

The sentence I get out making new words

I get out having syllables

We make relationships to make sentences

live lifetimes to form paraphrases

get married into theories and hypothesize

till we prove that our bodies scientific method

not an allegory or a cave but rather we live inside

syllables like a jaw drop and oh how

sexy we can all make a jaw drop be

There is reproduction in the jawbone and to

Sigmund's dismay I don't think singing

is the same because neither my

mother or my father can sing

So ask me my inner cooperation and I'll tell you

I don't wear symbols I don't wear colors

I am international and I am

every labor every worker every factory

every subway rail that Carries us all like

birth canal to survival I am a wire transfer

a quick pay a venmo a dollar

And what is it all worth?

Dear vacation

I can feel your sand

I can drink your drinks

Here is the key to my house

You're welcome to call it home