My Life as an @ Sign / by Megan DiBello

With the dawning of technology it seems more and more like I am becoming a physical @ sign. We are just one snap chat away from a snapchat birth of a celebrity who names their child the @ symbol. Maybe I should call up Melania, ask her to steal my speech, and give her some sweet tips on her next PR Move?

I started to think me AT something. What is my AT? With the passing of Price the king of symbolic namesakes I begin to wonder if i had to change my AT what AT would I be or would I even choose to have an AT if AT all?

As my dad always says, learn from history as not to repe--at it. So, Here I Go dialing up information from Smithsonian, Wired, NPR, you know smartass publications to dig up my At, and will I ever find it or AT?

For the Fact: Invented in 1536, but didn’t become popular until 1971’s dawning of the electronic push towards internet and faster computers talking like Italian New Yorkers with their hands and fast baby fast. Here is a clear mix up mash up of lies tales and unfounded truth. Let’s Un@ this.

Called the “snail” by Italians and the “monkey tail” by the Dutch, @ -- Not sure I want this nickname, but I guess small and curious could be worse.

thanks to e-mail addresses and Twitter handles. @ has even been inducted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, -- I wonder if I started doing yoga more regularly how I could be the first human actually curled into symbol into, let's say pain YoGAT?

The @ symbol is cited its modern use as an example of “elegance, economy, intellectual transparency, and a sense of the possible future directions that are embedded in the arts of our time.” -- who doesn’t want that to be their bio? I mean watch out Hillary, I’m becoming the first email @ symbol, what about the first female @ symbol of poetry, i mean people, i mean this maze makes for A very exciting offering

Tomlinson his name is Tomlinson who doesn’t remember what he wrote in that first e-mail. But that is fitting if, as Marshall McLuhan argued, “The medium is the message.” For with that message, the ancient @, once nearly obsolete, became the symbolic linchpin of a revolution in how humans connect. --- okay, so let’s think about this, if that email was still living on a server farm far far away, would it be downloaded printed and be a current installation at the MOMA too? Instead of a Star would Tomlinson get an @ symbol on his walk of fame? And for McLuhan, he’s just a little Canadian genius isn’t he? I mean Aren’t you Marshall? We all loved you in Annie Hall, right…Proving them wrong (air punches)

The elevation of the @ sign from symbol to icon. -- Now, not to bring up Prince again, but could you imagine if Prince thought of himself as one to have originated from the @ symbol and then therefore created a career out of such? Oh wait, he did…

Conduit Conduit Conduit! Now that I think about this massive existential symbol rationalizing I am trying to create, I remember now that I have always told people I feel like I send messages too, between people, not called controlling, but rather, called giving advice, leader, teacher, advocate, insert thesaurus look up here-- But really I'm no different than the @ symbol sending messages between different computers.

Forget feeling like a comma, as if I am the one who separates the names of senders and recipients from the names of their machines.

I feel like I am the one that isn’t commonly used in computing I am just the one doing the corporate computing daily. And believe me there is no confusion of the fact that I don’t belong in Corporate America being a creative, I stick out in all black as a creative using a survival job as well in the sea of suits in midtown, really it’s a way to pay off debt and invest in living, traveling, cc’s, etc.

Much like a bad virus or parasite, our culture thrives off of the User @ Host complex, which happens to be a revelation towards moving toward something or connecting with something, mild duh?

If Tomlinson had patented the ‘@’ symbol “the only preposition on the keyboard”, as he said, then maybe we all wouldn’t be known by our symbols, but what the meaning is behind them. Sorry McLuhan-- I am too much the message and not the medium (even though seeing spirits is cool).