LIKEADEMIC / by Megan DiBello

My boyfriends mother says that I say the word “like” a lot

That I am a part of an ongoing epidemic of “likers”

Even her student teacher she says is obsessed with “like”

I tell her it’s our internet generation

“like” a photo “like” a post  I “like” you

she points out 5 times in 3 minutes that I say the word “like”

I wonder if I said the word “love” a lot how she would feel

If I put that extra step of emotion

If I tried a little bit harder to “love” something

Dedicate something to “liking” it a lot

Like in Annie Hall when Alvy says,

I don’t just Love you I “Lurve”

Even in Europe you don’t “love” your

Sandwich “like”

you “love” your lover

His mother says to me, well I can

Correct your grammar, we are

Close “like” that

I hope you understand

“like” we are family