Love Over the 59th Street Bridge / by Megan DiBello

This was the first time we had driven in the car with just our voices as our music

Our phones were dead and perhaps we both needed the quiet time

Finally arriving on the Lower East Side we fed off our friend Allen’s energy as we circled onto Ludlow.

both getting a second wind we went dancing with the Balkans

Restless to go to Arlene’s Grocery I am remembered that it doesn’t matter where we are, I just love him

as he is calling me darlin’ on Stanton street as if David Allen Coe wrote his song in response to our partnership

But you don't have to call me darlin', darlin'

You never even called me by my name

Stationed on stanton street I remember him saying, "I'll call you what you want” as he kissed me outside the venue—

I want that everlasting gobstopper love

I want the love spearmint gum gives you when it never loses it's flavor

I want that love that fills you like an Italian dinner on Sunday's and makes you sleep well

I want that love that holds me all night like we on a ship at sea not some titanic shit but some necklace shit because we wear each other like we are lost at sea like we can be digested by whales and sharks and we come out that digestive track like we haven't been shinier than Pinocchio

I want love like my moods are predictable like birthdays or cake or how the flames will always go out no matter how many times we relight them

I want love like driving fast with the windows down and you know the wind will take your arm like you're Rollin with the homies outside of the car

I want love like waking up on Christmas and expecting nothing but family

I want love like wearing the same shoes every day and how they mold to your feet, become the last thing you take off at night

I want love like I know how to order for you from the menu and it's hard to date taste buds at different hours of the day but I know your late night eats where they set up a table in the back of your mouth

I want love like the last drag of a cigarette before bedtime the last in hail before respiration the last thing to touch your mouth

I want love like cut off shorts above the knees where you  cut off a season to adapt to a new one

like starfish like solar we are rechargeable who needs that bottom half of that leg anyway

I want love like I know the album you'll put on in the car the points where you air drum your favorite solo and too bad they don't make drum pads for steering wheels

so yes, I will call you what I want, and you can call me what you want

But you don't have to call me darlin', darlin'

You never even called me by my name