The Irish Corporation / by Megan DiBello

He never captured me

Barely by laughter

Barely by kissing

Barely even our bodies bare

I was never in love with this person.

He was like dating the captain of the circus

For when even the tiger or elephant or city mouse auditioned they never could

Feel what it's like not to be chosen

They don't live by their mothers

They were taken

He, carries around his mother's brush

Wears her morals as rationale

Names the blame in his life in

Every signature of hers on

Checks for him

This isn't what love feels like

I've been living through a divorce

Where I reaped no benefits of the marriage

No ring

No big party

No dress

No vacation

I want to claim my own alimony

I want all of the songs we've written

To represent the children we will

Never have

When you have to start putting

St, nd, rd next to your name

You know you’re a reference in a story

Not the good one

The index one

Perhaps the forward

Perhaps the preface

On our last day we saw each other

I gave him a disposable camera

Told him to take pictures of loved ones

He can hold on to

Not digital

But printable love