Why does naked mean forever? / by Megan DiBello

i want him like a good bookstore

like taking the pages to the sheets

like if you’re going to take my pants off mean it

like this book isn’t on consignment

like a new release relationship

like an autographed book

like signing your body to me

like if you want to kiss me mean it

like my red lips become yours

like avant-garde movies and indian food spice

like this is what i want and i am saying it

like why are you torn by a love you didn’t want?

like if this is what you want then why not show it?

is it just you America who hates sex but loves

a good tease

you know the binding is sewn in, right?

like a good thread count of hair follicles

just leave the book open on the bed

without the cover on

with all the alphas exposed